Love Pop

by Clumsy

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Produced by George Rosenthal at the Complex studio in San Francisco.
Co-produced by Spencer Owings.
Mastered by Ash Clayton.
Album art by Dawn Cardenas.

Matthew Horton: lead vocals on tracks 1, 3, and 4/ guitar/ cowbell/ background vocals on track 2.
Fabrizio Incerti: drums/ lead vocals on track 2/ background vocals on tracks 1, 3, and 4/ conga/ samples.
Adam Wilson: bass/ synth/ shaker.
Spencer Owings: 12 string guitar.
Jake Levy: Saxaphone.
Nathan Ho: Viola
Jesse Jenks: Cello
Anya Hirota: background vocals
Marika Stuurman: background vocals.

All interludes recorded at Cosmic Jive Studios.

A word on the segues between tracks:
For this record, Clumsy turned to several talented amateur voice actors to complete the EP's emotional spectrum. Featured first is a crosswalk on Market Street saying "wait" over and over to represent city life and the impatience of youth. After the first track, an anonymous bus driver let Clumsy record him saying "next stop, Love Pop" because Clumsy thought it would be sick, and they were right. After Simple Desire is perhaps the most important and legally dubious sound byte, wherein Spencer Owings and Casey Schryer recreate a scene from the television show Adventure Time, which has been dear to Clumsy for a long time. Ben Fischer provides the penultimate interlude, offering his opinion on the shortcomings of the 21st century's modes of personal transportation. Finally, Clumsy crosses the street.

Special thanks to Raoul Incerti.


released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Clumsy San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Seven Minutes In Heaven
Takes nine to hypnotize
Sun kissed skin in my eyes
Do you feel free? Do you feel me?
Not at all, not at all

Takes lies to simplify
What goes on in my mind
Do you feel free? Do you feel me?
Not at all, not at all
Track Name: Simple Desire
Simple desire is to get higher
Full on depriver
You look just like her

Simple desire you look just like her

You look just like her (simple desire)

Simple desire is to get higher

You look just like her (simple desire)
Track Name: Love Pop
Creakin' bed
Hear the neighbor yell
Creakin' bed, just go back to bed
Drop your watch, run outside
Run outside, to your mother's house
You know me now

Touch her arm
Pull away
Pull away, detached and grey
Fell asleep, on the street
Fell asleep, and died alone
You know me now
Track Name: Modern Ecstasy
There's a girl, picture her
With her hat backwards
She would scream, at the police
Just to start a scene
But now and then, she'll tuck you into bed
Enough said

If you don't know what to do come through

Organize the daylight
If you're that uptight
Do you know, how do you not know?
How to say no
But now and then you'll bob your head, she'll bob her head

If you don't know what to do come through, come through
You're a modern ecstasy, oh please, oh please